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Digestive “Metabolismo” CBD Herbal Infusion, 50g

Digestive “Metabolismo” CBD Herbal Infusion, 50g

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Experience a luxurious cup of aromatic, digestive, and calming herbal infusion.

A very pleasant mixture of soothing herbs: peppermint, chamomile flowers, and melissa (lemon balm). To each pack we’ve added 15-20 grams of organic CBD flowers (C. Sattiva Indica, THC below 0.2%). We very much hope that you enjoy this. 

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Our holistic approach to cultivation and extraction allowed us to obtain totally natural and ecological products. We select our genetics wisely. We do not use pesticides, herbicides or commercial fertilizers. We do not use chemicals of any kind.

Important: Our products do not contain any illegal amount of psychoactive substances (THC below 0.2%)